How Toxic Are You? (Toxicity Questionnaire attached)

Where are you now?

  • BIA Test (available in our office by appointment)
  • Toxicity Questionnaire (download 2 copies below)
  • Weight: bathroom scale, how your jeans fit, BMI-go HERE for an online calculator
  • Labs. I recommend the GI-Map, a comprehensive digestive stool analysis for an in-depth assessment.

Schedule an appointment to come in for a Bio-electrical Impedance Analysis. Call Andi @ (832) 289.3808.

FREE for program members. (normally $35)

This test evaluates the health of your cells and measures the water inside vs. outside the cells. Less water inside the cell (imagine shriveled up raisins) happens when your body is toxic. Water moves into the space between the cells in an attempt to dilute the "pollution."

After your 21-Day Purification Program your test should show more water has moved back into your cells (imagine juicy, healthy grapes.)

Download and Print 2 copies (BOTH page 1 and page 2) of this Questionnaire.

Fill out one and score it BEFORE you begin the 21-Day Purification Program. Then fill out the other as soon as you've completed the program.

Compare your scores and see all the health improvements you've made.

What do your scores mean?

  • Page 1 relates to the internal levels of toxicity in your body
  • Page 2 relates to the external environment, your exposure to toxins from outside of your body

Add up the numbers and note the total for each section. Any individual section with a score of 6 or higher is problematic. Then calculate the Grand Total. A score of 40 or higher is a strong indicator that your body needs some serious Purification.